3 Pictures Facts You Didn’t Know

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Gambling game is a great way to get much cash while enjoying the game. In early 2005, you should go to a land-based casino to enjoy gambling game. Since the Internet is available for everyone, you are able to play many gambling games in an online casino site. 3 Pictures is one of examples casino games. Enjoy the game by knowing 3 pictures facts you didn’t know that dis not help you to become instant millionaire and cannot going to give you more chances of winnings.

3 Pictures Facts You Didn’t Know

3 Pictures Facts You Didn't Know

3 Pictures Facts You Didn’t Know

When you play in the online casino and choose live dealer 3 Pictures games, you pretend to play as three people at the same time. You will be the first player, second player and third players. You will find three players’ box which has a function to place your bet. But, do not worry. You are able to place a bet in one box. In simple word, you do not need to place all three boxes.

Make sure that you make a good prediction on a particular box. In this game, you should have high-value cards on the table, higher than the dealer and other players’ box. So you should place a bet on the right box. Having high card value and placing a bet on the right box is the main way to win the 3 picture game.

In the box, there are options that you can choose. A pair plus, Lose, Win, Tie and three pictures. Pair plus means the player will get cards on a specific value. Lose means the player will lose. Win means that the players will win the game. The tie means that the player and the dealer has a similar value of cards. Last but not least is the tie, it means that the player will have three picture cards, Jack, Queen and King.

Value of Cards

In the beginning, the dealer will distribute cards to three players and the dealer itself. The dealer will distribute the cards openly. It means that all players and the dealer can see other cards and know who will be the winner in the game.

In 3 picture games, the calculation system is similar to Baccarat game. It means that the game does not recognize the tens number. In the example, you get King- seven- ace, it means that you have 10 +7 + 1 = eight. Jack-queen and king cards carry the value of zero ‘0′ while Ace carry the value of one ‘1′.

Tie Cards

In picture game, there is a possibility that a player and a dealer has a tie value card. Moreover, bettors are able to place a bet on a tie condition. The notion is not only on the similar cards. The main thing is on the similar value of cards. Below is another illustration when it categorizes as a Tie. Player has Jack, five diamond and two heart, while banker has queen, three spade and four diamond. Both players’ card and banker’s card value seven.

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