5 Facts About Goddess of Life Every Gambler Must Know

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Brace yourselves bettors! You will surely adore this charming slot game from Onlineslotqq101.com Slot Machine Games, Free Slot Betting Website and Playtech known as the Goddess of Life. Don’t be intimidated with the presence of this 20-pay line video slot. Aside from that, there are still some things you need to know about this online slot game. Here 5 facts about Goddess of Life every gambler must know:

5 Facts About Goddess of Life Every Gambler Must Know

5 Facts About Goddess of Life Every Gambler Must Know

5 Facts About Goddess of Life Every Gambler Must Know

This five-reel slot game features a Celtic theme, which has a specific supernatural allure. The back ground story states the importance of four elements namely Air, Water, Fire  as well as Earth. Moreover, the game is loaded with irregular elements that are presented in the form of animal icons. If you are wondering on the role of the Goddess of Life, she’s none other than but the queen of the kingdom. She is known to be a popular beautiful woman with a blond and braided hair.

Fact 2 – It boast important elements on the reels

Aside from symbols which represent wind, earth, water and fire, there are wonderful symbols like the ancient monuments as well as the usual variety of playing cards. Let’s discuss first the regular symbols. Fire is known to be the most powerful. It pays five for two, meaning to say, you can have 50 for three, or 2000 for five pay lines. On the other hand, the Earth logo could pay 25 for three up to 750 for five.

The Goddess of Life serve as the wild symbol, replacing other icons within the reels. While scatter symbols can aid in obtaining the Bonus round. In terms of the coin size, the maximum is 500 coins which can give you not more than 5, 000, 000 coins.

Fact 3 – Goddess of Life Is A Free Slot Game

Another good thing about this game is that you have the freedom to play without paying even a single dime. But if you want to experience an extraordinary play with this online slot, then better play for real money.

Fact 4 – It has a subtle audio and eccentric interface

Goddess of Life as one a non-progressive slot also features unconventional interface and subtle music, generating a one-of-a-kind atmosphere.

Fact 5 – The game allows player to customize their game play

If you want to bet for real, you can wage of not exceeding five credits in 20 lines. More than that, you have huge selection to allow gameplay’s customization that includes controls for Bet Max and Autoplay.

Why Play Goddess of Life Online?

For beginners, playing Goddess of Life online is a very good chance so that they will gain experience in extending their skills in this game. It is a captivating game for the people who do not feel as if they are confident enough in a sphere yet they want to enhance their skills. At the same time, it is reassuring that you are not going to lose your money whenever you lose in this game.

Another thing about this game, is that it has its own benefits. You will be able to start whenever you want to play, you do not need to leave the house, or fit the requirements of a dress code 5 Facts About Goddess of Life Every Gambler Must Know. In addition, there are gambling sites that are usually giving several bonuses and benefits so that you will be able to start for free.