Assessing the German challenge at the Euros

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Assessing the German challenge at the Euros – Euro 2016: Germany : Gary Lineker once said that football is a simple game, 22 men chase a ball for 90 minutes and at the end, the Germans always win and the current pool of German players certainly defines this iconic quote. The world champions are ready to prove and challenge for their fourth euro title and they’re first since 1996 after narrowly missing it in 2008. The Germans in their last Euros were outclassed by the Italians thanks to the courtesy of Mario Balotelli but the Joachim low lead team has now become even stronger and Germany’s Chance In Euro 2016 increased and are the safest bet for the Euros.

Assessing the German challenge at the Euros

The German team on papers looks the strongest in Euros and they are also are the same old guys who are accustomed playing with each other. The Debutants Player in Euro 2016 from Germany have included 14 players from the same team that won the world cup in Brazil two years ago. They have everything that is needed to become European champions. The massive pool of some world class attacking midfielders in the squad is what makes the German a force reckon with.

Assessing the German challenge at the Euros

Assessing the German challenge at the Euros


The prime strength of this German team is that they know they’re playing 11, winning playing 11 as most of the players in the squad has represented Germany for more than two years. Having the winning combination boosts your morale and makes you more confident and that’s what the Germans have on their side. The most of German team’s player also comes from the same league and hence they also are a stronger unit.

The goalkeepers are the mainstay of any team and Germany need not worry about as because they don’t have only one, but three top class goalkeepers who play in the biggest European clubs. Their first choice goalkeeper no doubt will be manual near whose name is only enough to make the attackers of opposition nervous. The “sweeper keeper” Is bound to have another great tournament and with Bernd Leno and Marc-André Ter Stegen warming the bench, Germans need not worry about goal post.

The defense gain is one more place where Germany has the best players in the world. The latest Bayern Munich inclusion, Matt Hummels will be ready to play the role of leader in the defense again and is a partner in crime Benedikt hordes will be a tough nut to crack. The defense will also be supported by the reliable Jerome Boateng admit the young Emre Can ready to prove himself for his country.

Assessing the German challenge at the Euros soccer match

Do I really need to talk about the quality Germany has in its midfield, of course not. The name of Tony Kroos and the Mesut Ozil is enough to let you know about their midfield and they will be accompanied by Bastian Schweinsteiger. The fact that players like Julian Draxler and Andre Schurrle will be sitting on the bench is what gives you a complete idea of their midfield. The likes of Lukas Podolski and Thomas Muller are the kinds of players that pose deadly attacking threat to the opposition.


The one particular weakness that can be highlighted while seeing the German team is quality attacking option yes, they have Thomas Muller, but the other player in the squad are not enjoying regular football at the top level. Mario Gomez is the only player in the team that can be called a natural strike, who also is not on top of his game.

The next thing that got highlighted in the games before Euros was that a smaller team like Slovakia fired 3 goals in the German net. If you keep Matt Hummels apart the rest of the German defense is not up to the mark and the lack of quality wing back is another major problem.

Predicted finish – Champions

Yes, no matter whatever weaknesses they have, they are still a class above their opponents. The one team that looks like it can challenge Germany is the host France that has a relatively inexperienced squad when it comes to the national team and if all goes according to the plans the Germans will finally be having a grasp on the trophy after 20 years.