Best Slot Games with Best Bonus Features

Posted on / Anna Jensen

As a gambler keeps playing games, they absolutely need to be cunning enough to spot best slot games with best bonus features. While reckoning a new game, there must be many considerations of a slot to be taken into account. The consideration may be the jackpot amount, the free rounds, and other features. Here is the list of slots that may help bettors consider a new game to play:

Best Slot Games with Best Bonus Features

Best Slot Games with Best Bonus Features

Best Slot Games with Best Bonus Features

DOA, operating on the NetEnt software platform, is a Wild West game and a 9-payline video slot. The game features Sheriff Badges, cowboy hats, a Pair of Pistols, and Wanted posters –to mention some. Not only does it come with fun features, it also offers rewarding and attractive features.

Despite the fact that the slot does not provide a bonus game, what makes the game still exciting is the reward. Gamblers can earn it by combining Free Spins and Sticky Wilds. What is more, the video slot offers the gamblers an astonishing amount of cash with a very low bet amount. DOA is really a final cut. On top of these, this thrilling-western-music featured slot accommodates not only the advance bettors but also the beginner ones. So, novices, ready to give it a go?

Game of Throne and its Hundreds Ways to Win

This Microgaming game really caters both the need of the players’ favorite fantasy shows and the search of plenty of opportunities to win. Plethora ways to win are offered up to 243 in this slot game. Many players of Slot Machine Games, Free Slot Betting Website have decided to keep returning to the game because of the winnings they got from its bonus features. Really, these bonus features shouldn’t be missed.

What makes the slot worth trying and returning to is absolutely the 4-house featured Free Spin round. Those houses are House Lannister, House Baratheon, House Targaryen, and House Stark. Choosing different house gets the players different bonus feature as well. The bonuses start from multiplier and a particular amount of Free Spins up to massive wins if players can get perfect combination.

Twin Spin Slot and its duplicate to offer

Here comes another best slot game offering another interesting feature and of course awing winning chances. It is another slot operating on the NetEnt called Twin Spin Slot. The special feature of the games is from the Twin Spin feature that enables players to get two linked side-by-side reels during each spin. So, those diamonds, cherries, sevens, and other slot symbols will be doubled, tripled, quadrupled, quintupled, or even more by the adjacent reels. These profitable reels will of course raise the possibility of winning.

Winning best bonus is every player’s goal in playing slot games. Yet, the bonus may not be clearly seen and hidden in certain features –which vary from game to game. Many players may not yet come across those best slot games with best bonus features offering something that may be they have been looking for. Players absolutely need to give those games a shot!