Gonzo Quest – to find El Dorado, play slots!

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Gonzo Quest – to find El Dorado, play slots! – The game is introed by a good cinematic that gets many viewers curious about the game’s theme and story. The game was adapted from Gonzalo Pizzaro’s expedition in search of the fabled city, El Dorado – a mythical city in the Latin Americas that is said to be rich in gold and other treasures. Gonzalo Pizzaro is Spanish conquistador who ventured the Latin Americas during the expedition and expansion period of the Spanish kingdom.

Sounds, Graphics, & Cinematic

The game starts with short but a well created graphic cinematic where a Spanish conquistador took his map and went into a jungle in search of El Dorado. After that short clip, you immediately proceed to the main game and start playing.

Gonzo Quest to find El Dorado, play slots

Gonzo Quest to find El Dorado, play slots

Gonzo Quest – to find El Dorado, play slots!

The game proper also has good graphics that would definitely encourage people to play the game more. The sound effects are also good and can be very entertaining as you play more and more because it can give you the feeling that you are really in the jungle with the main character.


Gonzo Quest – to find El Dorado, play slots! Gameplay

Right after the cinematic intro, you get to the main game right away to start playing where you can place your bets and let the tiles fall down and wait for a pattern to be formed. There are seven types of tiles, a Free Fall tile, plus a Wild tile that you will see as you play the game.

The main screen contains a 5 (reels) by 3 (rows) grid where you can form 20 possible playline patterns as the blocks go down on every spin. The patterns each have its corresponding amount of payouts. The bets start at a minimum of 20 coins and the maximum is 100 coins. The game also has an RNG (Random Number Generator) installed on it to ensure the fairness of the game in every round. The Random Number Generator, from the name itself, generates random possibilities every spin. So, playing this slot machine eliminates the myth that every time you spin and the more you play, you increase the chance of winning the pot money.

This slot machine game has features that can help you take the pot money through the Avalanche reels and Free Fall. In the Avalanche reels, the reels go like falling blocks instead of spinning. This basically resets the board since the blocks fall like in the game Tetris. This is triggered by hitting a winning line and this feature continues to occur until you get a win. Also, each Avalanche triggered increases the multiplier.

The Free Fall option, on the other hand, is triggered by hitting 3 Free Fall blocks in the game. Free spins are also included in this game and this can help you through the Wild tile and this tile can be replaced with any other symbol to create a new combination.

The payouts are pretty much the same as other common slot machines with increasing values as you bet higher and larger payouts for more complicated patterns.  ****add scoring details****


At first, this sounds like an adventure platform game with stages and bosses but this game is just like any other online slot machines with different patterns that can be formed every time you click the spin button, so don’t be deceived – it’s only a slot machine with a different interface and graphics but nevertheless, the game is still very good and enjoyable because of how the interface and graphics were made.

This is a very good and entertaining game especially for younger players who play at home just for fun (of course, it is not advisable for kids to play casino games involving real money…). The game is very colorful and the sounds are quite nice giving the player a good ambience. The main character even moonwalks randomly on the screen that adds entertainment though some players hate it but overall, it adds up to the beauty of the game.