Lewis Hamilton won F1 Gr PR

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Lewis Hamilton won F1 Gr PR – Lewis Hamilton is one of the British formulae one racing driver belongs to England and recently racing for Mercedes AMG Petronas team. Actually Hamilton Holding top position in the year 2008, 2014 and 2015 for the formula one world champion. Wish to race for McLaren and three years later Mercedes-Benz signed for young driver support programmed. The McLaren driver development program made him the youngest driver in securing a contract later reveals in a formula one drive. In this session, we are going to discuss Lewis Hamilton and detailed information’s about his formula. In order to gain relevant information with regards to this related topic stick with this article till the end and gain appropriate knowledge.

Lewis Hamilton won F1 Gr PR

Hamilton entered a grand Prix and amazingly won the world championship. Lewis used to finish his highest race, also the highest grid position. Only a few drivers entered the formula one racing and a sensational point is that he missed the world championship only by a single point. As it is one of the pessimistic periods in the history. in between the certain period of same, he has won the three wonderful world championship and established himself as one absolute driver on the grid.

Lewis Hamilton won F1 Gr PR

Lewis Hamilton won F1 Gr PR

The strongest points about Hamilton are a terrific qualifier, a tenacious racer and focused his deadly eye for a perfect overtake. While driving a formula one car, framing on few areas that Lewis does not excel. Initially, Hamilton enters to this field as a hobby and attributes his success in the English town. At the earlier age, Hamilton crowned as the young driver and holds the top position of the youngest racer and ever winner of British cadet kart championship.

While participating in the event he was cutting his teeth. Formula one world championship and Silverstone’s British F1 GP Title went for Lewis Hamilton. The one and the only person who has the ability to compete on the much larger stage is Hamilton and equipped with assured racing style. Hamilton easily won the multitude of European karting title. Recently won the youngest number one record and still retains. From the young age, he achieved Youngest F1 Champions in the World the top name and build on his victory with ease.

Lewis Hamilton streak at eight

With his courage, he fabulously wins and quite thrilled with the result. Hamilton with the amazing winning even in rain ends in Monto Carlo hoodoo. Hamilton has the ability to making a fine move on worn wet tires, it’s quite right and allowed to dedicate on the proper track. The real fact is that the performance of Hamilton is immense under the pressure and become the grand Prix winner of all time. After winning the every event it becomes one amazing day and extremely happy in these conditions.

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Only with complete, dedication and willingness, the Hamilton become a world’s number one champion, but at the initial stage, the success rate is quite hard to reach. The continuous trying and motivation make him achieve the number one position in the world. The Hamilton wins in front of Daniel Ricardo and the race always starts with the safety precautions due to the wet conditions. The Monaco grand Prix is Hamilton’s first and foremost formula winning in one season. The Monaco success is induces something in Hamilton’s happiness and expressed in the form of throwing the winner trophy.

Final words

The victory of Monaco for Hamilton with 24 points of the championship is quite 44 Th win in his career. A wondered and exciting winning is Monaco championship and Hamilton desired to have fun, as it is the second time in his racing career. In the formula, one open wheeled auto racing in the highest class and it defined by a Motor Sports world governing the body.