Lion’s Lair Slot Machine: King of the Reels

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Lion’s Lair Slot Machine: King of the Reels – The lion was always considered as the king of the jungle because of his stature and might. On this video slot machine game, prepare to test you might and endurance in competition with the King to win the prizes you’ve always wanted.

Lion’s Lair Slot Machine: King of the Reels Design and Gameplay

The Lion’s Lair is a video slot machine game with 5 reels, 3 rows, and 20 pay lines that are packaged in a savanna-like a background with symbols composed of animals such as the Lion King himself, the Lair, the Lion Cub, the Zebra, the Flower, and the Paw Print. The other symbols that comprise the game are the regular 52-card deck playing cards 9, 10, J, Q, K, and A. Each of the special symbols have their own special roles more than what a regular card has. The first one is the Lion King which acts as the Wild Card of the game. What it does is to substitute to any card on an active pay line to complete the winning combination. The Wild Card in this game can take the place of any symbol except for the Scatter symbol. Even if this symbol may only appear on the 1st, 3rd, and 5th reels, the payouts will be doubled whenever this symbol shows up on your winning combination.

Lion’s Lair Slot Machine: King of the Reels

Lion’s Lair Slot Machine King of the Reels Design and Gameplay

Lion’s Lair Slot Machine King of the Reels Design and Gameplay

The next special symbol is the Lair symbol which serves as the Scatter symbol. This symbol can only appear on the second, third, and fourth reels only but when it does, your winnings are multiplied by the total bet. A number of multipliers will depend on the number of Scatter symbols that were able to show simultaneously on the screen. If the Scatter symbol shows up on all 2nd, 3rd, and 4th reels, you will win 12 free spins and this free spins will be played on the line where it was triggered. These bonus free games can be retriggered anytime during the game, giving you another set of 12 free spins after consuming the first set.

If you are aiming for the top fixed jackpot money, go for the Lion Cub symbol. This symbol gives the highest amount of fixed payout by its 3,750x multiplier for your bet. If this symbol partner with a Wild Card, it will be doubled to an enormous 7,500x multiplier. The next highest payer is the Zebra symbol with 2,500x multiplier.

Lion’s Lair Slot Machine: King of the Reels Progressive Jackpot

Lion’s Lair has a Progressive Jackpot that can be won randomly. The pot money or Progressive Jackpot in this game is being added with funds continuously whenever a player bet and spins. Part of the player’s bet goes to this big chunk of coins and this process will continue to occur until somebody hits the jackpot. What’s more interesting about this is that any player at any time during the game is eligible for the win and they just have to bet and spin to qualify. This simply means that anytime during the game, a player can instantly hit the big time!

Auto Play for the lazy

The game has an Auto-play feature wherein you can simply sit and wait for your set conditions to happen. What you can do here are to set the number of spins, stop the game when you hit the jackpot, set a number of winnings to stop the game, set the balance limit (so you won’t run out of funds), or stop once a bonus is triggered. This is actually quite good if you’re the kind of person just wants to sit and watch the game plays itself until you win your desired amount but for some, they always want to be really hands-on to game for them to feel the excitement and adrenaline rush.


The game is very exciting (as if you are in the wilderness either chasing or being chased by a lion) because of the unique bonus features it stores. Plus, anyone can hit the sky with the Progressive Jackpot being offered to any player in random during the game.