The most awesome PS2 games of all time – 1

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The Most Awesome PS2 Games Of All Time – 1. PS2 that’s too old school, this will be your reaction when you read this but you have to admit it that PS2 was like a mate to you when you were young. It was the most important thing in your life at that time and you loved playing games on it for hours. PS2 also had his glory days and was the king of all gaming consoles of his time and ruled the gaming world for years.

The Most Awesome PS2 Games Of All Time – 1

PS2 had some of the best games and by that I mean all time greatest. They would make you addicted and you wouldn’t get bored for a second while playing them. Here are some of the greatest games that were ever created for this wonderful console-

The most awesome PS2 games of all time 1

The most awesome PS2 games of all time 1

Resident evil 4

The resident evil series needs no introduction and it is the The Most Awesome PS2 Games Of All Time – 1 series of all time and was so popular that even Hollywood adopted the series. The previous three versions of this game were quite popular too, but none of them scaled like resident evil 4. The game had everything from brilliant graphics to a compact storyline that makes you wonder whether you are watching a movie and on top of that the entire creepy environment. The game is a classic and even if you play it now you would enjoy it same like you did when you played it the first time.

Burnout 3

This game was the favorite of the one who loved car racing and still being called as one of the best arcade racing video game of all time. I don’t know why EA decided to put a hold on this popular series, but its fans still love playing it and desperately want this series to start again. Burnout 3 had basically everything from high speeding cars to takedowns and some wonderful tracks that were only featured in this game. The unique crash modes become insanely popular and special effects were top notch. All I can say is if someone says that he doesn’t like burnout 3 then either he has not played it or there’s something wrong with him.


The rock star is always known for their innovative style of games and seeing the game bully here would definitely surprise everyone, but admit it or not you loved playing it when you were a child. The reason why Bully becomes so popular is because we could relate to the storyline of this game. The game starts with a student who resides in an imaginary town and is bullied by people. The story line proceeds as James Hopkins becomes a respected person in the town and is no longer bullied.

Final fantasy 10

Final fantasy was a popular RPG game and can be considered the longest running gaming series of all time. Final fantasy 10 was the first for the franchise on the PS2. Final fantasy was always ahead of its competitor to come up with introducing some more advanced features in their game. The final fantasy 10 was no exception to it as it had voice acting and changing expressions of characters that were considered very advanced in the older days. The game was a grand commercial success and set new standards in the gaming industry.

God of war

Well, this game would have surely brought a smile on your face as you enjoyed this game on your PS2 like no other. The game was a flagship title for the PS2 and was a game worth every penny. The game was entirely based on Greek mythology and was a huge commercial success and its sequels went on to rule the gaming world for years. This one game has everything you want from spectacular characters to some stunning fights that you loved.

I know a lot of you would completely disagree and say that there are some games that were even more awesome than the above mentioned. So keep tuned as I will come with a second part of the list which has, even more, greatest PS2 games of all time.