The Power Of Triple Threat Position In Basketball This Coming League

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The Power Of Triple Threat Position In Basketball This Coming League – The Basketball League is just around the corner and to take on all opponents, you need to master some of the best offensive tricks in basketball. The triple threat position is a valuable and great technique which is a fundamental part of offensive playing. This position in Basketball is named based on the three choices of action that you will have after you receive a pass, take a shot, pass the basketball to your teammate, or drive it to the basket. The word “threat” refers to the great advantage that you will have from your defender since he wouldn’t know which action you are going to take.

The Power Of Triple Threat Position In Basketball This Coming League

Get in the position

The triple threat position in basketball started as soon as you receive a pass before pivoting. This method is attained when you are holding the ball like gripping the ball firmly with both hands. You need to hold it quite low next to your stomach then put it in your elbow out as you bend your knees. Holding the ball like that will protect it from your opponent who is trying to steal it. You can twist your arms and torso to the right or left as you need to protect the ball, as long as you are keeping the ball low and your elbows out.

Another thing that you need to take note is your pivot foot. In basketball, it is The Basketball Players Positions standard rule is that when you are holding the basketball in one place, you can pivot over on one foot. Your stationary foot is the pivot foot being called, and as soon as it was established, it is not allowed to move unless you begin to dribble. When you catch the ball in that position, and both your feet are on the ground, you will be able to select your pivot foot.

The Power Of Triple Threat Position In Basketball This Coming League

The Power Of Triple Threat Position In Basketball This Coming League


The power of triple threat position is that your defender will now be guessing what Position in Basketball he needs to guard you in, and as you commit to one posture for too long will be able to allow you in making a different move, which you can catch him off-guard. You can then have your three options. You can fake your shot or make a pass. It will trick him into a stance of high-block and allow you to move around your defender.

Make your move

As you completed to set up the triple-threat and timed the fake properly, it is the time to select the course of action you will take. The first choice is to pass the ball strategically. If you feel that you won’t be able to drive around your opponent, it is the best option that you can choose. This is usually chosen when you are guarded heavily and the opponent is very attentive.

If you can easily fake your defender, you should go for a drive. Taking a shot is usually ideal as soon as you receive a pass, but you will need a fake when you are too guarded closely if you attempt to shoot immediately. To take a shot when you know you have a small possibility of going in is a bad idea for it will be more likely sending the ball right into the hands of the opposite team.

Use this The Power of Triple Threat Position this coming league and you will surely take your opponents on one by one. Now that you are excited about the coming League, the next thing that you have to is to keep practicing. You will eventually hone your expertise in basketball! Study the Basketball Rules and Equipment! Practice the Triple Threat Position and take on the court!