Why Cristiano Ronaldo is the greatest and worst footballer?

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Why Cristiano Ronaldo is the greatest and worst footballer? Are you watching football? If so, it is likely that one of your idols is Cristiano Ronaldo. Well, let’s learn more about him. Cristiano Ronaldo Real Madrid Club de Futbol, famously recognized as Real Madrid or simply known as Real is a professional football club in Madrid, Spain. Every time this group has been mentioned, the name Cristiano Ronaldo conquers the mind of the people.

Why Cristiano Ronaldo is the greatest and worst footballer?

Why Cristiano Ronaldo is the greatest and worst footballer

Why Cristiano Ronaldo is the greatest and worst footballer

Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro who was born on February 5, 1989, is a Portuguese skilled footballer. He is a fighter who plays and embodies the national team of Portugal. He embarks a major significance in the storyline of the football being a forward and a team captain. Best moments Rolando’s life totally changed as the widely admired and accepted by the crowd. This is due to the records of success that he attained for giving the best of his best.

Here are proofs of his achievements.

As a twelve-year-old lad, Ronaldo was convinced by the club coach Leonel Pontes to a preliminary competition to determine qualifications. He did not hesitate and successfully persuade Aurelio Pereira, sporting’s and owner, to compensate twenty-two thousand euros to take him to Sporting Lisbon club. There have times when Rolando failed to hit the success on every international competition but he shows positive sign in the year 2004.With his goals in the semi-final game against Holland, Portugal hit the Dutch 2-1. Cristiano Ronaldo was prepared to be the world’s #1 scoring forty-two points during the time when United declared as the winner in the league by the year 2007-2008. Ronaldo’s back-heeled moves resulted to get the first in a four zero win against Aston Villa in March 2008.

Worst moments

No one can deny that Cristiano Ronaldo is really a good player. The hardships and efforts that he exerted were all worth it. However, in every achievement that he earned there are unpleasant and undesirable outcomes.

Below some of its upshots:

Selfishness. Ronaldo is always after the benefits of the time as he holds the ball. With this, Real Madrid became unsuccessful in winning against Sevilla. This happened because as Ronaldo get the ball he didn’t trust his teammate Luka Modric, who is completely available and has a big chance to make a score.

Out of position. Rolando has great self-confidence. He trusts his athletic skill so he is opposed to Xabi Alonso, a very proficient player who is extremely capable of doing the midfield. One of the main reasons on why Rolando is late in progression is the deficiency to change the way he plays. Truly, he is good but other things should be laid on the shoulders of his teammates.

Missing Benzema. Benzema is an unrecognized player in Madrid but definitely, he fits in the Real team. Rolando blossoms as he played with a French striker who is good in making points and assisting teammates. However, Benzema is a fighter who matches the majority of Rolando’s styles and systems.

Why Cristiano Ronaldo is the greatest and worst footballer? Ronaldo brings pride and glory to his country. He is a monster in the field. He became victorious and renowned in the football game. In spite of the challenges that he had been through, he never stopped in aiming for excellence in his sports. With his passion and dedication, there is no doubt that he has achieved a very considerable level of success in the world of football. Granted, he may be one of the finest footballers in the world but one thing is for sure. There are lots of things that he should learn and consider in playing a football game and in life as well!